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Nike Sportswear recently introduced a "Dusted Clay" color range, which now includes , Air Max 95 and Air Huarache two popular sports shoes. Two pairs of shoes shoes are in line with the theme of the brown tone, with suede, Niu Baji, canvas and fabric combined production; and two models are equipped with a clean white midsole and black rubber outsole is ending. Currently, the color range has been logged in SNKRS on sale. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! I don't know how much you cheap jordans online know about Push From the state of California started after moving to North Carolina to Colorado, the final plant expansion, shock absorber for decades of refitting history, common Fox, RockShox products have left traces of it after the change. A few months ago, the Push plant officially launched its first full shock absorber, Elevensix, to the city! At the same time, snatched the title of the most expensive shock absorber. Is the so-called ten years grinding sword, after numerous improvements and adjustments, this shock eventually condenses years of effort, to create the most comfortable riding experience, is also exciting. Many multimedia measurements cheap foamposites have been given excellent evaluation. "better than the best" shock absorbers, VitalMTB, "the world's largest and most successful shock resistant improvement company", PinkBike, etc.. Now, follow the VitalMTB reporter in Colorado to see the Push headquarters and learn more about the most expensive shock absorbers". This is the Push Elevensix oil spring shock absorber, it can be said to represent the current best mountain bike rear shock absorber. Push has been operating for more than 10 years, has been in a leading position in the field of shock absorber. in Colorado Lofland factory, will need to customize the circulation shock absorber for th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ousands of year, at the same time, maintenance and upgrades are also here. in order to further tap the existing potential of the shock absorber, the Push driver began to fully customize this kind of demand, tens of thousands of orders at present has been achieved. Darren · (Darren Murphy); Murphy is the founder of all great. through the accumulation of years of improved design experience, and at the same time collected from the customer and practical valuable feedback, Push felt it was time to do a shock absorber oneself. new Elevensix can be precisely set, also has two sets of high and low speed compression adjustment. independent cheap jordans for sale mens high and low speed compression system allows users to quickly switch between the two. Do you want a high impact platform or high shock sensitivity? This is not a problem, just a brief description of the riding style to Push. oil is usually selected by the user oriented compression oil cylinder, if accidentally turn the knob in half, then two circuit is simultaneously connected, so there is no instant impact damages caused by. provides six compression range selection. Users can choose to use two similar or two very different effects. is not the final choice of spring pressure in order to get the best.Players adidas Originals campaign launched ' Cheap air jordan 12 ovo Hikelander' hiking boots 2012-03-02 11:44:42 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network March 2 hearing, by virtue of the 1990s EQT Badlander design, adidas Originals is a similar order of Hikelander lace covered with silver hooks hold on the seat proper boots. This Hikelander boots with a red leather upper with white lace and white midsole. This classic and simple design with a sole system Torsion and Soft Cell, which provides support and shock effect sole. Related newsI think you should have seen the black and white basketball fans Long White Men Can not Jump (1 Retro jordans for sale 992) movie of it, Woody & middot; Harrison (Woody Harrelson) pair of NIKE Air Command Force people never does forget. The company will soon launch its NIKE Nike Air Command Force 2014 remake, but also introduced a new color "Ultramarine." Composed mainly of white leather shoes, supplemented by details of the toe and sideways perforated strip texture rich visual effects, and a little embellished by blue and orange-red details, the overall full 90 years popular retro sporty.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] sports equipment market leader - the United States, Nike (Nike) and its German rival Adidas (Adidas) are caught in their own Olympic battle, trying cheap jordans for sale to help the athletes in the Olympic Games in London next month enhance performance, squeeze the greatest commercial value. Olympics provides sports a new fashion and new technology showcase, in many of the current market is facing sluggish, sports apparel suppliers hoping to wind through the Olympic Games to improve performance. The Soccer World Cup is different, there is no electronic billboards around the Olympic stadium, means that when a worldwide audience at the Olympic Games, the most striking trademark is a sign the players on clothing and shoes. "This makes Nike, Adidas and Puma (Puma) and other brands in the highly anticipated moment firml Retro jordans for sale y occupy the focal point," brand analysis business Repucom Europe, Middle East, Africa and Danny Townsend, president of the South Asian region represents. "And might take a lot of the media forum players sign sponsorship contracts, such as 'trapeze' Bolt or heptathlon champion Ennis (Jessica Ennis), will bring huge spread effect," he added. "Our study found that the Beijing Olympic Games, there are around 3.6 billion people watched the Olympic TV coverage, which means a huge influence on the spread of the Olympic Games. This strength of brand exposure, to promote product sales have a strong influence. " From the Jamaican Olympic gold medalist Usain Bol cheap jordan shoes for men t three German Puma brand spokesperson. "Olympic sports branding may be able to have the largest platform for the Bolt race 100 meters, 200 meters and the relay, the world will gather to look at him," Puma CEO Franz Koch told Reuters FIG. Adidas invested heavily to become an official Olympic sport apparel partner, tens of thousands of volunteers and Olympic officials will be wearing clothing with Adidas trefoil logo. Further sports apparel Adidas or British Olympic team's long-term sponsor, the host players including shoulder medal hope Ennis. "We provide 3 million apparel to 5,000 athletes and 84,000 volunteers," Adidas Olympics head Simon Cartwrig Cheap air jordans for sale ht located in the German town of Herzogenaurach company's headquarters told Reuters reporters. Puma headquarters also located in the town. Adidas expects Olympic Games will increase 100 million pounds in sales in the UK, to help the company replace rival Nike to become the UK's largest sports brand. Cartwright said the situation is similar to the Beijing Olympic Games, when the Olympics helped adidas to become China's largest sports brand market. "Adidas has depressed the accelerator, they stormed to Nike, hoping to get the top spot position in the UK market. Nike is more focused on the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games," said a manager of sports sponsorship industry representation. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Nike is still the world's largest sports goods market brand, with annual sales of approximately $ 21 billion, $ 17 billion Adidas ranks second. 1948 ?????? estranged brother and start all over again inside the Puma brand, with annual sales of $ 3.8 billion is far behind, ranking third. US Olympic sponsor Nike, he said the Games would lead to the outside world for its products hot. "like a concept car - we will give the world's best athletes with an unprecedented and innovative technology, then by players around the world to provide such technical way to make new technology commercialization," Nike UK Ryan Greenwood, head of public relations said. Adidas compete for 25 projects, compared with players who provided 41 different models of sports shoes. These shoes one thing in common is its weight: sneakers than comparable 2008 Beijing Olympics when 25 percent lighter. "Lighten the weight of 100 grams per shoe, meaning players score will be 1% of the upgrade," Cartwright said. Adidas also created history called it the lightest running shoes, weighs only 99 grams. "This shoe technology too advanced, so we can not mass production," Cartwright said. After the above three brands brought together many smaller sports equipment suppliers, including Russia and China, the rapid rise of the brand. China's Li Ning Company for its founder, Li Ning became the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games main torch caused widespread concern. But faced with Nike and Adidas growing competition in the Chinese market, Li Ning, and other domestic manufacturers are facing shrinking market share. Li Ning month issued a profit warning and suffered heavy losses, the stock fell to the lowest in six and a half points. ANTA Sports also said this year's situation is worrying, because costs are rising, and competition intensified. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)