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The Japanese shoe shop Mita sneakers recently teamed up with veteran manufacturers Diadora born in the late 80s Diadora N.9000 blueprint, launched a new version of Aperitivo. The new mesh, suede, leather classic material composition, supplemented by the orange and red decoration shoes, the ink design embellishment in the bottom. mita-sneakers-x-diadora-n-9000-aperitivo-01.jpg (280.63 KB, download number: 0) download mita sneakers x Diadora N.9000 Aperitivo 2015-5-1 23:39 upload mita-sneakers-x-diadora-n-9000-aperitivo-03.jpg (300.89 KB, download number: 0) download mita sneakers x Diadora N.9000 Aperitivo 2015-5-1 23:39 upload mita-sneakers-x-diadora-n-9000-aperitivo-02.jpg (355.73 KB, download number: 0) cheap jordans for sale mens download mita sneakers x Diadora N.9000 Aperitivo 2015-5-1 23:39 upload mita-sneakers-x-diadora-n-9000-aperitivo-04.jpg (273.77 KB, download number: 0) download mita sneakers x Diadora N.9000 Aperitivo 2015-5-1 23:39 upload layering, warm colors, Japan, theme, the trend of 00PUMA Mobium Elite is representative of 2013 performance tip shoes innovation works, provide new sense and training efficiency through three-in-one structure, PUMA this year will double the epoch-making works of the new upgrade, the launch of Mobium Elite and Mobium Speed version of Ride, at the same time to meet the "foot" and "heel" runners running demand. For individual running habits so that consumers can choose the most suitable for Cheap air jordans for sale their own shoes. Mobium Elite Speed is specially designed for conventional midfoot or forefoot runners for runners as ascending speed exercise. The use of PUMA exclusive dynamic run technology, the outsole using 3D X type elastic rope "design, help to enhance the landing legs and push on the expansion and contraction, increase when starting propulsive efficiency; PUMA and Simulation of feline animal foot pads structure developed" independent buffer pad "technology, on the basis of foot bones the position precision and muscle is arranged on the sole, the best buffer, protection and elastic feedback;" reduced lift end "can make the foot moves to the foot telescopic state adjustment, micro change of immediate reaction f cheap jordans for sale eet. In addition, the new Mobium Elite Speed breathable mesh upper with printing elastic material, and add new "vamp elastic lamination technology", in the front foot and shoe for runners more fit, more comfortable pace. For the traditional type of heel runners designed Mobium Ride shoes, is suitable for the daily practice of runners in "2D TPU X, the sole type elastic rope design, moderate expansion and contraction of the elastic, and after the foot to strengthen the" upper flexible fit technology ", let the foot with coating more complete, enjoy a smooth running experience. 20140813165611_11979.jpg (126.99 KB, download number: 0) download Puma Mobium Elite Ride SpeedMobium 2014-8-14 10:43 upload 2014081316562 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 3_14520.jpg (109.35 KB, download number: 0) download Puma Mobium Elite Ride SpeedMobium 2014-8-14 10:43 upload 20140813165641_31675.jpg (125.72 KB, download number: 0) download Puma Mobium Elite SpeedMobiu0& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network November 26 hearing, & nbsp; US Congressman: This will destroy the history of American sports goods manufacturing NBA race clothing manufacturer Adidas specified Company irritated, they do not think the company has been a recent decision of the US lawmakers oppose. Adidas plans to end a contract with between US suppliers, and the relocation of one of the major garment production factories to Thailand. The relocation plan will make New York a garment factory 100 cheap jordan shoes for men workers unemployed, and the plant output exceeded the original NBA players use half the clothing total. For Adidas relocation plan, US lawmakers expressed strong opposition. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; move led to hundreds of people unemployed US Democrat Charles Schumer said that Adidas will move to destroy the history of American sports goods manufacturer, and requirements? Adidas revoke the original decision, the NBA still garment production base in the United States, "this practice is an insult to American workers and sports fans across the United States." Schumer said. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The move caused such a response because the Adidas company had provided for the players jerseys are made in th Retro jordans for sale e USA. Factory "If you decide to Adidas relocation was approved by the Board, then it will be the first time in NBA history, the players wore shirts from manufacturing outside the United States would be a company with decades of history of plant closures, and the production of shirts base relocation to go abroad, which is unacceptable. "Schumer is a die-hard New York Knicks fan, he plans to hold a press conference Tuesday at the American elite sporting goods company, the sporting goods manufacturers have 40 years of experience in NBA jersey, and now nearly half the league players were wearing shirts from this plant, including Kobe Bryant, James and other NBA big players. It is reported that changes in the NBA sportsw cheap foamposites ear manufacturer will lead this New York garment factory 100 people unemployed. NBA and manufacturers have not responded executive director of the American elite sporting goods company Noor said his company still has a contract with Adidas in the body. But in the last month, Adidas spokesman told he revealed, Adidas intends to relocate production to overseas factories. To know Previously, elite sports has just spent $ 10 million to update the plant's production equipment, which they will undoubtedly be a big disaster. "We plan to develop before now all been disrupted. We very much hope to see the Adidas can change their decision." Noel said. Schumer also called on Adidas to change their decision to continue produ Retro jordans for sale ction in the United States for the NBA sports apparel, "NBA jerseys worn by the players should be made in America, this is a very simple truth." Adidas is the second largest sports equipment manufacturers around the world, who has bases in the United States in Portland, Oregon and other places. In addition to elite sports goods company, Adidas and other two sporting goods manufacturers have cooperative relations. April 2006, Adidas announced at the headquarters in Frankfurt, the company has signed a $ 400 million agreement with the NBA, in the next 11 years, Adidas will become the official sponsor of NBA League, the contract also provides that the company will be to WNBA and NBA Development League jerseys and other Cheap air jordan 12 ovo extension products provide contract will take effect the 2006-2007 season. NBA alliances on behalf of current and Adidas were not responded on the matter. ?? immediately comment Adidas to move, the United States, Mr Schumer very angry, because no more than two: face and interests have been damaged. NBA player in history has not yet appeared worn jersey from the manufacturing plant outside the United States, this is the face; New York garment factories that house hundreds of workers unemployed, which is of interest. Schumer stand point of view, his opposition is very reasonable, but are struggling for Adidas, the relocation seems imperative, after all, only the most important of their own interests. As the worl cheap jordans online d after Nike's second-largest sports brand, Adidas seems to have been overwhelmed by the global financial crisis. In early November, Adidas released its third-quarter earnings. Reported Adidas quarter operating profit fell 29 percent to 336 million euros ($ 491.6 million contract) on sales of 2.89 billion euros. The Group's third quarter sales of 2.888 billion euros, down 7%. Compared with the first and second quarter of this year, hitting the deepest decline. In order to overcome adversity, Adidas global network of agents closed a lot of stores. In China, the largest distributor of hundred Lai company closed 2008 about 50 Adidas store. Currently, Adidas in China is clear inventory, to develop secondary and tertiary markets, expand sales twelve markets. They even open up the market, intended for the production of the world's poor, "one euro shoes", next year will begin pilot production in Bangladesh. Adidas company said the profit decline was due to high operating costs and decreased sales due. According to statistics, the labor cost of the Thai textile and garment industry is about $ 1.3 per hour, while in the same period, American workers will need to pay $ 21.11 per hour. The garment making factory moved to Thailand, just could significantly reduce operating costs. In order to ensure the interests of its own, naturally attend to the interests of others, let alone face.2015 years of the third Monday is the United States of America's human rights fighter Martin Ruud King memorial day, usually the major brands will have launched black month BHM color matching shoes, players will use during this period. Overwhelmed by the Internet has exposed the Nike and Jordan brand launched black month color shoes and offering information, shoe kind yet all the exposure, we will continue to pay attention to and reported. Jordan Air 1 Hi "BHM" Retrocolor: Black/Whitenumber: 579591-010release date: 01/17/15hair price: $130Jordan XX9 "BHM" Aircolor: White/Blacknumber: 727133-110release date: 01/17/15hair price: $225Dunk Low "BHM" Nikecolor: Black/White-Blacknumber: 745956-010release date: 01/17/15hair price: $135Kobe Nike 9 Highcolor: Black/Whiterelease date: 01/19/15Kyrie 1Nikenumber: Black/Whiterelease date: 01/19/15LeBron 12Nikecolor: Silver-WhiteBlack/Metallicrelease date: 01/24/15KD 7Nikecolor: GreyBlack/White-Wolfrelease date: 01/24/15 more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: sneakernewsEQT 93 become major Adidas retro model and continue this fall more different color, fans ecstatic cult classic shoes, we can advance with preview. Different color matching, a new look with black mesh and thick in the end, a good increase in the comfort of the foot. source: asphaltgold