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early in 2006, Chinese brands peak 'peak' sign has just joined the Houston Rockets, Shane Battier, formal cross foot NBA market. After the Olympic Games in Beijing, peak more in one fell swoop to sign was the spiritual leader of the American Dream Team - Jason Kidd, the blessing of the quasi Hall of fame guard, instantaneous brand awareness increased. To the beginning of 2013, the Sanantonio s Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping purs star point guard Parker Tony after the end of the contract with NIKE, officially joined PEAK, and at the end of the year to launch personal signature shoes TP9-I. And 14-15 season, PEAK's latest Parker endorsement shoes - TP9-II is like a French sports car with a good speed and flexibility? Below for you to bring the most complete TP9-II PEAK evaluation analysis. weight (Weight):by measuri cheap jordans for sale ng the weight of the foot on the right foot of the US8.5 number is 437 grams. After the shoe section, the weight of the weight, different from the current market mainstream emphasis on lightweight design. Although the material is very thin, but the thickness of the shoe pad and the weight performance is not ideal. grip (Traction):TP9-II outsole using a soft rubber material, match the fishbone l Cheap air jordans for sale ines, the lines between the gap is bigger, and at the bottom of the forefoot at increasing horizontal inscribed lines, to add forefoot flex flexibility. The overall performance of the grip of the smooth, indoor wooden court performance than outdoor venues (PU, cement) well, regardless of what the site when the foot strength is too large, occasional sporadic slip, most of them appear in before t cheap jordans for sale mens he soles of the feet. The author thinks that the main reason is that the front foot transverse groove that reduces the surface area of grain outsole, thereby affecting the grip performance. (outsole material belongs soft rubber and the bone texture, forefoot can clearly see 3 transverse groove) The shock of (Cushion): in the bottom suspension using peak exclusive research and development GRADIE cheap jordan shoes for men NT dual (dual gradient technology), according to the movement of the foot pressure distribution, at the bottom before and after the soles of the feet are respectively arranged with different density of double cushioning material, and on the front foot strengthening reactive configuration and the rear sole strengthen cushioning performance. TP9-II jiaoganpianying tough, no obvious back foot. Ove cheap jordans online rall, forefoot cushioning performance of the flat, after the foot in GRADIENT dual enhanced cushioning configuration under, slow earthquake effect is very good, if the future can be in bottom slow earthquake material change to the soles of the feet or improved forefoot midsole material, shock absorber performance will not lose to any first-line brand flagship shoes. reactivity (Responsiveness): Cheap air jordan 12 ovo GRADIENT at the end of the dual use to enhance the reactivity of the double density material, but the actual test, the reaction is no special in the wake of the HyperDunk 2015 debut this HyperQuickness 2015 overwhelmed again new color design; in the presentation, and HyperRev 2015 the same bottom and non symmetric upper design still very familiar with, on the basis of selection of cave purple, Retro jordans for sale deep emerald tone primarily, auxiliary vibrant orange details embellishment; the US version has shelves, No. 749882-385. source: NIKESUPREME x NIKE Air Foamposite 1 SP joint cooperation models, today's generation is absolutely sensational new work shoes industry. End of a frenzied craze, the New York police to stop the activities of the screen, will be written into the history, and now cheap foamposites the price has risen shoes more than 5000 yuan a. Now let us stop and appreciate what this money for joint cooperation. The Supreme signs to the main flower totem already is so endearing, and its bottom plus black and white dots embellishment, valuable collections.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Recently, on the Internet, called Wuyuan rural people's attenti Retro jordans for sale on. It is reported that the village actually looks exactly like the terrain internationally renowned sporting goods company Nike logo, Wuyuan people dubbed "Nike village." Wuyuan County Commission is currently Nike government extended an olive branch forward, actively preparing for Nike base located in China's most beautiful stadium can countryside. If Nike can have a project Wuyuan settled, and with Huang Ling "Nike village" conspiracy China's most beautiful rural tourism and sports development plan in hand, the prospects immeasurable. "Nike village" is located at an altitude of 500 meters of the cliff, the level of scattered houses, and ancient lush trees, surrounded by terraced surround. Since no deep level, the villagers ancestors played in the sun on his roof with a bamboo plaque to dry crops. Whenever sunrise hills, among the entire mountain villages vicissitudes emblem of adobe houses with colorful facades and drying rack combination harvest outcomes, drawn out a quiet, idyllic village style paintings autumn sun. This village is the Wuyuan Huang Ling, and vivid scene is the famous "Huang Ling autumn sun." "Nike village" surrounding picturesque, surrounded by mountains, the terrain is rugged and varied, overlooking acres of terraces. It is reported that the construction of the land is ready to open the first international standard of Jiangxi bike tracks, mountain bikes for organizing international events. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partner: Apparel IT & nbsp; global fashion brand network)